Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Great Need for MORE Senior Missionaries!

The numbers of our younger missionaries are going up very quickly throughout the world.  Here in Guatemala they will be up at least 30% from last year by this June if not more.  We need desperately a similar rise in Senior missionaries.  There is a need for members who know how the church works, who have been to a Primary meeting, a Relief Society meeting, have organized Home Teaching, extended callings, been active in church,  to help train and explain in all of our Districts and Branches.  There is so much here the members don't know or have never seen, so they have a difficult time knowing the things we take for granted back in the states.  How does a person know how a Primary or Young Woman's activity or class should go, never having seen one and  only having the material from a book?    The members here look up greatly to older people, especially men, we need more Senior Missionaries to help with reactivation and training throughout the mission, and I am sure the same is being said by every mission throughout the world.  We also work with the younger missionaries, doing apartment inspections and making sure they have adequate housing plus working with them in English, As the number of missionaries increases this task of course is going to expand. We help future missionaries understand and fill out their paperwork, so many little things in the process that confuse them here. We cover such a large area that there is no way we can meet all of those needs, we continually pray for more Seniors to be inspired to join us here.
Those are some of the needs, now let me share some of the very rich blessings.  Every day when we get up we pray and dedicate our day to serving our Savior Jesus Christ by serving the people.  We are learning more every day how to work together and overcome our own weaknesses that hinder us from being unified in service.  Learning to work together, depending on the Spirit and your companion has strengthened our marriage a lot, and it is an ongoing training here in the mission.  We love the people, we are supposed to greet everyone, kind of makes life amazing.  Now when we pass in the streets children call out to us, members greet us, we feel very loved.  We have been part of helping send over 15 missionaries out to serve missions and currently have 14 others we are working with.  We have seen small and large blessings on a regular basis, miracles happening in the lives of the members here.  The hand of the Lord is at work here in Guatemala and we feel so very blessed to be a part of his work.
On the physical aspect of being a Senior Missionary, our home is nice.  The church helped provide us with a washer, dryer, stove and refrigerator.  I don't think any of the people from our community have a washer and dryer, they mainly wash their clothing by hand.  Because of the area we cover we are able to purchase a lot of the luxuries we are used to when we go into the major areas, things like chocolate chips, whole wheat flour, and Snicker Bars for Elder Spradlin!  The food on the market here, now that we know our way around provide us with fresh vegetables and fruits on an almost daily basis.  There is a butcher that makes ground beef for us which is about 99% lean, something I will definitely miss stateside!  The birds sing outside our windows in the morning and the hiking trails have become a part of our life. A couple of other great blessings that we receive here as Senior Missionaries is the chance to go and see so many beautiful spots as we travel through our area.  One of my favorite spots to stand here, underneath the Hot Springs waterfall on our way back home when we have to go to Peten, or Guatemala City.
So here is my advertisement and my plea!  The work is great, the blessings are immense.  Make your plan, join us for the most wonderful adventure of a lifetime!


  1. Do you and your husband speak Spanish? Was that a requirement to go there?

  2. Do you and your husband speak Spanish? Was that a requirement to go there?