Friday, November 2, 2012

Joyful Exhaustion

We were able to help work at the CHOICE medical brigade this week in Senahu.  They brought in Surgeons with full surgical clinic and supplies.  Screened, worked with, operated for 3 days straight.  Children with cleft palatte, or double cleft palatte, Adults and children with huge cancer tumours, cysts, glaucoma, hernias, hearing problems.  Every day they worked steadily from 8am till 5 or 6 at night doing miracles. Elder Spradlin, Natalie and I worked mainly with the vision screening, but did assist some in helping get other people to the right doctor to be seen.  We came home exhausted and overwhelmed on a daily basis. One of the Doctors told me that he and one of the other Doctors have been doing this twice a year for the last 22 years, that is major dedicated service!
 Two hard things with our little bits during the clinic.  One of the little girls we have known since we have been here, always looked like she had a lazy eye, we found out she was blind in one eye, probably because of some sort of illness when she was a baby. The other is our little 4 month old sister whose eyes did not seem to focus right.  She was seen by the ophthalmologist and we learned that she was born with cataracts in both eyes, and can only distinguish between dark and light.  There is some hope though that if we can find a pediatric opthamologist in the capitol, and if there is no retinal damage behind the cataracts, and IF the surgery is done in the next two months, she may regain her eyesight.  I wept with the mother as I translated for her with the doctor, and then went with her to tell her husband.  We are praying and helping them to look for the specialist in the capitol, then hoping they can find the means for making the trip, having the consultation and doing the surgery.
All Saints Day yesterday, meant being invited to Caldo twice by member families.  That was fun!  Today they are supposed to be flying kites in the cemeteries, it has been raining most of the day so we shall see.   

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