Friday, October 26, 2012

The work of the Lord

This week didn't go always the way we planned it, but it went well, if that makes any sense.  The people that were supposed to be attending the Dental Clinic, many didn't show up which was really hard, but there were other people that were able to be seen and the Dentists stayed busy the whole time.  They did miracles!  It was really hard though when we got home from the clinic on Thursday and one of the sisters here was complaining of a toothache  Our District here was supposed to go down to the clinic on Wednesday - but they didn't go, it made me very sad.  One older sister was in to have some of her teethe pulled, while she was waiting I started talking to her about going to the Temple and then helped her fill out her family history form, so when she goes to the temple she is going to be able to get the work done for her parents and be sealed to them.  One of those side benefits of an activity, for which I was very grateful!
Wednesday while we were at the clinic President C'aal from Senahu called and asked if I could help with the District Choir practices for the Dedication this Sunday in Yalijux.  We came back a little early then on Wed. so that we could make it to the choir practice.  We found out Thursday morning that there is a medical brigade from an organization called CHOICE coming to work here in Senahu for three days next week so we will get to help them some by translating for them.  The wonderful news of that is that we have a couple of members here that are in great need of seeing a specialist and they are going to be able to be seen.  We feel so grateful to be a part of the work we see going on around us.

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