Wednesday, October 10, 2012


We are in Coban, in the middle of our inspection tours.  Natalie is getting a great taste of our part of Guatemala!  Yesterday trying to get out of the valley though there was a huge tractor trailor rig with a big Cat   thing for digging on the trailer bed that had turned one of the blind corners too tight and got his rear wheels stuck in the ditch. It took them a while to figure out how to move it, Elder Spradlin figured they should just use the Cat on the rig, but that wasn't their solution.  Just were happy when they did resolve it.  The hour or so delay there, plus the road work put us just enough behind to miss the planned lunch break. We did make all of our scheduled inspections though going through Tactic, Valparaiso and San Cristobol, and definately appreciated our filled rolls from the bakery in Coban!  
We were able to go to Yalijux with President and Sister Watts last week when they were inspecting the new chapel.  Elder Spradlin terms it as one of our "ends of the earth"  or the "tops of the mountains"  both with very good reason!  We are so excited that their new chapel will soon be dedicated.  
 Today we go to Tanchi, Carcha, Chamelco and then back through Tucuru so it will be a very full day - but first we get to take a little time out to walk through the market here in Coban.  
Conference was amazing and we were very grateful to be able to get most of it in English at the Church.  Words of a Prophet, we are a very blessed people. 

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