Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sunday we worked in Buena Vista, it is a beautiful little area up in the Chulak District.  To get there we have to go down the mountain, through part of the valley, then up another set of mountains. It is a small branch, but with a lot of faith.  One of their young men there just got his mission call to go to Honduras, so we are very excited for him.  I ended up speaking in Sacrament meeting in Q'eqchi' about the importance of reading the Book of Mormon daily.  During Sunday schoo,l talked to the youth about preparing for missions and made a short visit to the primary.  They love "Head Shoulders, Knees and Toes"  Talked to them about helping inspire their familes to read together.  Probably not totally kosher, but told the little girls that they had the most power, because if their families don't say yes, they can cry and get their way ( :  We shall see what the results are when we go back up in October.  The Branch President asked me to talk in Relief Society, but luckily he translated for me.  Went over the importance of Relief Society and the Mother's role as heart of the home, the importance of having the family read the Book of Mormon.  This is a difficult thing for these families, because many of the parents don't know how to read.
We came down the mountain Wednesday headed for the Capitol and on the way down our brakes started squealing.  We stopped at the bottom, only to find out we need new brake pads, something not available except for in Guatemala city.  Kind of scary driving in with one brake pad gone and cutting into the disc.  We were so grateful when we finally got here!!!  Tonight  we get to meet with our wonderful Mission President and his wife over dinner with the other Senior missionary couple we now have in the Mission, after that we get to pick up our daughter Natalie at the airport!  She will be staying and working with us til November and we are very excited.
We have a new project we are working on because  many of the small chapels out in the Polochic area have no pictures of the Saviour up.  We took our calendar pictures from this year, cut them out, glued construction paper on the back and at the Mission office were able to laminate them.  We will attach a paper clip then to the back so we can hang one in each primary room as we go through our Branches.  Hopefully we are able to get some members in the states to make some up for us also and send them down so we can get one or two in every chapel.  
The Elders asked us to go with them to visit a family on Tuesday, only for us to find out that it is a family we have worked with across the alley, reading and playing with their children.  It was such a joy to bear our testimonies to them and to know that the mother has agreed for the family to start taking the discussions.

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