Tuesday, September 6, 2011


As I think over my life I am filled with a sense of extreme gratitude for all that I have been given.  I started to write that, as I think over the last weeks, or months- but the reality is that throughout my life I have been blessed.  The list becomes extremely long as I begin to enumerate my blessings, and I know there are things I will leave out when I try.  My family used to have fun because one of my favorite phrases is always, "well at least," but I have found that in every situation there is still much for which to be grateful.  I hope our mission can be a reflection of that gratitude.
We were explaining to someone about going on our mission, and they said, "Oh, kind of like a two year vacation", I think they nailed it exactly - and I am so excited!   Not sure exactly where we will be living - besides somewhere in Guatemala, or in what kind of circumstances, or what we will be doing, but knowing that we will be able to be in service of the Lord makes this adventure marvelous!   I read this quote this morning and I hope we can live up to it, "The depth and the willingness with which we serve is a direct reflection of our gratitude."  (Elder Gordon T Watts, Oct 1998, General Conf.)
So, here is the beginning of my gratitude list, please feel free to add on at any time!
The Gospel of Jesus Christ                          Scriptures
The Savior's atonement                               Prophet, Leaders
Home                                                        Food
Family                                                        Wonderful Friends
Fantastic Ward                                          Inspiring children, inspiring people
Temples                                                     Good health
Nature, the nice cool weather!                   Sunrises and sunsets
Good Books                                             Lovely music, especially the birds outside the house!
Getting to learn a new language                 Sleep!
babies                                                      grandchildren
Going on a mission!                                  A new day!

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