Saturday, September 10, 2011

friends and family

Everything is finally packed and what we are not taking or "loaning out" to good friends and family is now firmly packed in storage.  Brethren and sisters arrived on our doorstep this morning with their trucks, trailers and willing hands.  It made for a quick and joyful job finishing up the house.  That is one of the amazing things about the family we have in the church, they are always there for us, loving, supporting and cheering us on in our new adventures.  So, where are we headed?  First to Colorado, then to Utah and the amazing opportunity of going to General Conference with Amber, Tillie and Alea.  Next on to Idaho to see Marion, Alea and Natalie, more specifically to be with Natalie when little Isaac enters our world.  Elliesha will be arriving in Utah to spend a week with us then the last of October before we enter the MTC.  Now that things are in storage I can start to let a little of the excitement seep into my thoughts.  November 14 we enter the MTC for one week before we fly out to Guatemala, but from there all we know is that we will be somewhere in Guatemala doing something, and learning a lot!

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