Sunday, September 15, 2013

Loud and Offkey

Truly love our neighbors and the people from the church across the street, but their tradition of having loudspeakers loud enough that it is still loud inside our home makes it difficult to appreciate them sometimes – especially when the person with the mike is singing really badly offkey!
Our church let out early this morning because of all of the Independence Day festivities, so we are in the house having scripture study and eating a late breakfast. The church across the street is inspiring us to want to go out and do some visiting!
Saturday was a great day with different people visiting us in the morning, then making visits with one of the Branch Presidents, followed by a baptism in Senahu II, and one in Senahu I. True independence, the privilege of worshiping our Heavenly Father. After the baptisms we went back to Seamay to join with the branch there in their activities celebrating Independence Day. It was raining some and the activities were all outside, so we greeted everyone, then decided to return home. Great decision by Elder Spradlin because the rains continued to increase and pound on our tin roof!
Elder Spradlin says, “as we near the end of our mission and I think about the things we have done, being called as member, leadership support – I wonder sometimes if we have really helped the Leaders very much. However, the thing that touches my heart the most is our relationship with the children. We hope that we have touched their hearts. When they touch me with their little hands and look at me with their dear little eyes, I can feel their sweet spirits and I know that they have touched my heart.”

We are so grateful for the privilege we have had of serving here in Guatemala and with only three weeks to go, it is filled with sadness at leaving, and joy at the thoughts of holding our own grandchildren in our arms.

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