Monday, September 30, 2013

filled to the brim

Wow what an amazing weekend! The views off of the mountain as we went up and down working with the Missionaries and Members were unforgettable as so was the work. Friday we participated in a multiple wedding at the church, 3 couples were married, followed by a Caldo (traditional dinner of a soup that is spicy broth and chicken) then a baptism for four of those who were married. Friday evening I got to give a short message at the Missionary night and share 3 more plant starts with the Branch. That means that I have given house plant starts to members in each of the four Branches here in the Senahu/Seamay area, along with the challenge to nurture testimonies and then share them with others.

Saturday we carried baptismal clothes up to Chulac on our way to do inspections and the Choir performances up there. Shared a few recipes with one of the sets of Elders, hopefully will give a little variety in taste to the food they are able to make. So far out, they don't have a lot of choice in ingredients – but a little soy sauce may help! We went to the baptisms for the branch of Corral Pek that they held down at Seacoc (means they don't have their own baptismal font and they all had to come down by truck to the District chapel) When I was taking pictures of those being baptized two young men asked me to take one of them. After I took the pictures I asked how old they were, both 20 years old, both can speak fairly good Spanish. I asked if they are single, and they both are. I then asked if they had thought about or wanted to serve a mission. They said yes, so I told them that the first step is to be reading the Book of Mormon every day in Spanish (helps with testimony and also language ability) and that I would talk to their Branch President about helping with the paperwork. After the baptism I was waiting to talk to the branch President, but he was very busy and I spoke instead with two other brethren who had been helping with the baptisms. They turned out to be brothers, and uncles to the two young men. I told them that the two young men wanted to go on missions, they asked what they needed to do – so I began explaining the process with interviews, passports and exams. They were listening intently, when one of them asked, “but sister, do they need to get baptized first?” Oh my! We have now given the information to the Elders that work in that area!

The Choir was amazing. They did the two concerts in Chulac district on Saturday, having gone over and back on the back of a truck. About a 2-3 hour ride each way for them. On the way back they got rained on, but when I talked to one of the youth Sunday, asking “how was the trip?” he told me everyone had really loved it and how great it had been! Before the first Concert on Sunday we got to go to La Tinta and deliver a mission call to our sister there, she will be going to Argentina in January! Her brother just left a couple of weeks ago to serve in Honduras. So exciting!! On Sunday afternoon the first concert in Teleman filled up completely with members coming from three branches. Over 100 in attendance filling every seat, sitting on the floor around the chapel, standing till it was full. Then the one in Sacsuha, with a bigger room filled all the chairs and were at least 200 in attendance. We left after the choir's truck took off and caught up with them coming up the mountain. Awesome feeling to hear them still singing the songs as they drove up the mountain. The Children's songbook in Q'eqchi' is now part of their world. One more concert to go here in Senahu this Friday evening in the Municipal Salon. I know that about 900 people can fit in the room, so we shall see how many come!

This morning was able to surprise Elder Spradlin with chocolate cake and an apartment filled with our amazing Elders all in for Pday! So blessed to be serving here!

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