Friday, July 26, 2013

Nap Time Please

We earned a nap time today, getting up at 5am to take full advantage before the water quit again. Celebrated having running water this morning by washing clothes, scrubbing down the bathroom, taking showers and washing all the dishes! Yes we had been washing dishes, but the sponge baths and bucket baths were happily replaced by a real shower, after a week of no running water! It inspired us to get up early, at 5am to make sure we got the showers before the water all quit. Some of the laundry had to be filled by hand, but the majority we had water for, it was even strong enough to refill the storage tank, which means we can probably each have another shower. The neighbors told us that either the lines themselves had probably been damaged, or clogged by the heavy rains we have been having and so they finally got them repaired.
Finished all of our inspections this week and were so grateful to work with all of the missionaries. Quite a few flu/virus/sicknesses going around, so keeping things clean and drinking lots of water become very important.
Monday morning we surprised one of the Elders in the Zone up here with a birthday cake, made it a nice Pday for everyone.
Our whole mission has been hit a little hard this week with the death of one of our Elders in Coban. He was injured last Saturday when the truck they were riding on rolled off of an embankment. Several crushed vertebrae and head injuries. He did well in the surgeries, but then died Monday night from the trauma. He left an example of dedication, work and commitment for all of us in the mission.
The children, five this time, came over on Monday to make flour tortillas with me but the 6 year old was running a high fever. Checked her at 103.5, started hydrating her and sponging her off trying to get it down a little bit before I sent them home! Sent some ibuprofen with them for her mom to use, I didn't think I should give her any myself, and told them no one could come back till they were all well. They all came back on Wednesday afternoon and told me the Vitamin C drink I had given her had made her well. Sure glad to see all of them happy and well!  

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