Friday, June 14, 2013

Anyone want a baby?

On our way back from Poptun Sunday we were able to stop and see some waterfalls called los Conchos de Chahal and they were amazing! I love the beautiful little breaks we get - and the inspiring view right out the window of our house.
There was a group of Americans here this week doing service work that we got to work with. It was very hectic, but amazing seeing all that was accomplished. We were able to work quite a bit with the Physical Therapist and Rosie gained some much needed tools from her – she should be crawling soon. We are still hoping and praying that her eye surgery goes through the end of this month when they are supposed to be putting in lens implants.
A very funny conversation happened in the market, the Sister we were working with from the US was looking for a toy to take back to her one year old, I asked one of our K'eqchi' sisters where she should look, she understood me to be saying the sister was looking for a baby – and told me her cousin had one! Nothing like giving away your relatives!
 This was a week so busy it is hard to even cut it down to report size! Walking through the market one afternoon Elder Spradlin saw one of our brothers with a cut finger and brought my attention to it. I called to him and took him over to the side and started pulling out my med kit- then we realized how bad it really was and convinced him to go to the medical clinic! Was NOT a minor cut, but his finger split open from a chair falling and mashing it! We went to take our little neighbor to the dental /vision clinic the Americans were doing- flouride treatments and handing out glasses, Planning on helping but we were running late and when we got there and walked in they had only one Flouride Treatment left -and were able to use it on her. While there for the clinic the Branch Pres. Asked me about an undernourished little girl in his branch, so we were able to help get her in contact with the leader of the group who also sponsors a program here for malnourished children here in Senahu.
We hit our 19 month mark today, means we head stateside in only 4 months. Time goes so fast sometimes!

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