Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Elder Spradlin's Sunday Reflections

There we were on the back of a pickup truck which looked like it was made to haul cattle, a light mist falling, and we were only about an hour behind schedule. Sister Spradlin was in the cab with the driver and I was on the back with the District President and some members of the High Counsel on our way to Yalijux for Sunday meetings. Some of the counsel and the President were dressed in white shirts, some in other colors - along with their caps and boots. A couple of times each month these men go up to various branches, by riding on the back of a truck, to support the branches higher up in the mountains.
As we traveled I could not help but let my mind wander. I first thought of the dedication of these men and their willingness to serve the Lord in these conditions. I took in the beauty of the mountains with their green background spotted with flowers from red, blue, yellow, purple, and many other colors. I thought of how the Lord had blessed this promised land to the children of Lehi. We post pictures, but a camera can't capture the beauty that is seen by the natural eye, nor the feeling of the spirit as we realize that we are in the middle of the fulfilling of prophesy.
At the meetings we were able to work with the primary. The kids here are what makes it worth all the effort. Sister Spradlin has such a great talent working with children. She has them up doing “head, shoulders, knees, and toes”. Then she tells stories by getting the children to act as charioteers in the story. They are shy at first, but then they become excited and are anxious to participate.
What a thrill to serve here with the dedicated children of Lehi.  

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