Monday, December 31, 2012

Gratitude....and a little fear

IN Senahu is a housing area called "The Colonia"  to get to one part you go up a very steep concrete trail, take a right turn, go a ways further then climb straight back up on another concrete part, quite a ways above the concrete basketball court/soccer field down below.  This morning we went up there to visit a couple of families.  The families, once you get off the concrete path, live down another dirt trail, then the path to their homes are both small steps cut into the mud.  It rained last night and misted and rained all morning, just barely stopping before we went out.  The trails were slick, and we were being careful because I had strained my back last week, overdoing things.  Coming back to the main trail from the first home Elder Spradlin teasingly told the little girls they needed to help him down their stairs.  They then turned and helped me, down to the last stair, where we let go hands, I took a step - out went my feet and down I went.  Falling is not real unusual here and I was not badly scratched.  We went on to the next home and had a lovely visit.  Coming back down to the main road on the top concrete trail, about three steps from the bottom of it where there is a drop off down the mountain to the soccer field - I slid, lost my footing.  Elder Spradlin was in front of me and if I slid forward at all we would have both taken a tumble.  Behind me was the concrete, the rim of the step I had just come down, I ended up with a slide step to the side trying not to run into Harold.  On the side where my foot landed, was just pure slick mud.  I was grateful for the Angels that were watching over us and stopped my feet.
I feel very grateful for the protection we have had throughout the last year as we have traveled this beautiful land.  I have always had a fear of heights and am grateful that has not limited our work.  Tomorrow evening we have an appointment right back up at those homes and I can truthfully say that I am feeling fear and will have to use a lot of prayer to get past it.  I do have rubber boots, was not wearing them today because it wasn't still raining and they are heavy.  Tomorrow I will wear them and pray for better traction.
My younger brother sent small presents to hand out to the children for Christmas and they did not come in till Saturday so we are getting to have an extended Christmas as we share his and his family's love with our sweet children here in Guatemala.  We ask the children to sing for us, telling them of my brother and his family who have sent the gifts.  Each time so far we have heard, "I am a Child of God" sung with great faith by pure voices.

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