Wednesday, November 21, 2012

little things

It is cold here.  Not bad cold, but at night you definitely want an extra blanket on and makes you wish sometimes for a heater.  Heater wouldn't really do any good, since there is no insulation.  Then we think of our brothers and sisters here in the community who live in the stick houses with mud floors and laminate ceilings, it is a different perspective.  We walk through the market or go into homes where we hear the children coughing and see the beginning of much sickness.  Right now there is sunshine in the mornings, so that helps.    Some of our weeks will be worse, when it is misty rainy during the days and the cold seeps in.

Yesterday we went to one appointment, but the family wasn't home yet.  The family next door came out to greet us and we went and sang and visited with them, by the time we finished the first family had come back home.  On our way back to their house another family from down below us called out and asked us to come and give his Sister's baby a blessing, because it was sick.  That was fun because the way down was by a ladder!  We only had one appointment scheduled yesterday, but as we walked through the area the day filled with opportunities to serve.  We stopped by the family's home with the sick child and had a prayer with them, telling them we would return when we could find the Elder's to help us give the blessing.  The Elders we needed don't have a phone, but when we went to eat, there they were and were able to go back with us.  Coming back out, another family called out to us and we stopped.  They have now scheduled a cottage meeting for this Saturday to invite in their neighbors and have the Elders come teach.  We offered to help make the refreshments, so hopefully there will be several families that attend.

Yesterday we were able to buy ground beef at the market, and we had bought Pumpkin in the capitol.  We currently have six Elders here close and all of us will eat lunch together tomorrow of Spaghetti with meat sauce and pumpkin pie.  We then have a few appointments scheduled to work in the afternoon so it will definitely be a great Thanksgiving.

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