Friday, November 30, 2012

Fast and Furious

Some weeks seem like you are flying at full speed...This week was one of them!  We went down to Guatemala City to have the Dentists check on Elder Spradlin's tooth, he had lost part of a filling.  We were able to have them fix it on our way into the Capitol.  They then told us about the Central Market and we went there and played for about two hours.  It was so much fun!  Three stories tall, you park on top, and inside each level has different things, handcrafts, ceramics, food, traditional clothing. We were able to buy some Christmas presents for some of our Elders, and a Christmas Nativity for the house, now we know where to go for cute souvenirs if we decide to get some before we go back stateside!
The neat thing while in the capitol was all of the things we were able to accomplish that weren't planned.  A refrigerator for one set of Elders up here in the Polochic had gone out and Sister Watts called us while we were there, and we were able to pick it up for them and bring it back up (amazing that the little fridges fit in the back of our vehicle).  We went early in the morning to the Temple and the Temple President was minding the Desk.  We spoke with him and found out they need some Temple workers who speak Kekchi and Spanish from our Districts up here.  We were able to get the specifics and the paperwork so we can give them to our three Districts that speak Kekchi.  On the way home we stopped in Coban and had a meeting with our missionaries from the Zone there on the importance of learning English.  Challenged them, so hopefully it will help them with setting and reaching new goals.
This morning we met with two different sets of Spanish Elders in Seamay and worked with them on their English.  Then this afternoon we met with 9 of the Young Women  from one of our Branches here in Senahu and started the Personal Progress program with them.  I am so excited!  We had picked up the materials for it when we were in the capitol.  I think we will probably have between 16-20 doing it with us eventually.  One of the Branches here had never started it, so I am working with their Branch President to help them get it going. Working with the Future Missionaries also and have an appointment down in the Valley tomorrow to work with one Sister's file.  Tomorrow afternoon  District Conference starts here in Senahu - it is going to be a busy weekend and we are grateful!  .  

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