Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dish Soap, or not

A young sister was with us today helping me make Green Banana chips, kind of like potato chips but made with unripened bananas, to take to our Zone Conference tomorrow.  I had been telling Sister Watts about all my new recipes using them, like a green banana curry, and the chips, so I decided to take and share since our supply is still quite large!  We started to clean up the kitchen when my lovely sister explained to me that the soap we have been using for dishes is really the soap used for washing clothes.  Not sure yet what the difference is, since both are big round bars, but she has promised to show us the right kind on Saturday in the market.  The one we were using said antibacterial, and it smelled good...oh well.  We gave her the remaining bars in the package since she washes all of their clothes by hand and will be able to use it.
We are very excited because several future missionaries here have started working on their missionary files and will be having their interviews with Pres. Watts this weekend.  It is so wonderful to see their excitement as we start the files and take their pictures.  We have District Conference this weekend, and the District choir has about 120 members in it. I will be accompanying, the only other member up here that plays the piano will be directing.  Pretty amazing in my opinion, the amount of members so very excited and dedicated to singing at the conference. They have been practicing every Sunday afternoon since about April, because the original conference date at the beginning of June was delayed till now.

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  1. David and I had to chuckle about the "dish" soap! Apparently the correct soap is somewhat important--I once discovered this as a child when I tried substituting liquid dishwashing soap for actual dishwasher soap. Unless the machine liked a bubble bath, I assume it didn't really appreciate my efforts.

    Hope the choir performance goes well; I'm sure they sound amazing!