Thursday, January 19, 2012

mosquito bites!

We were able to serve in Panzos last weekend and the mosquitos must have heard I was coming!  Visiting homes in the afternoon they went on the attack!  I had 52 bites between my knees and ankles, Harold was surprised I counted them.  The awesome part is that they really didn´t bother me until I got back to Senahu, and I was really grateful.  Found out what happens here without telephone service, we needed to reach the Branch President in Panzos to meet with him and he wasn`t answering his phone, about 5 minutes further down the road a man rode up to us on his bicycle and started talking with us - it was the Branch President.  Love the small miracles! Panzos is currently a very small breanch that we are hoping to be able to help reactivate.  We are working with some amazing members there.  In Senahu this week we were able to do English training meetings at two of the schools for the teachers, and one in Seamay.  Seamay wants us to come back on a weekly basis and we said we would if we are in town.  Thanks to the two Keyboards the Alberts brought us we had five very excited young men taking piano and English in the chapel at Seamay last night.  It was exciting watching their intense desire to learn.  While waiting to start the training at the schools we also worked a little with the students in English, some of them are so sweet - then there are a few others who are very mischievous!  You could tell there was great interest though, when we started the classes with the teachers many children gathered and watched in through the windows.  We have classes again tonight at the church for Piano and English here in Senahu so pictures will have to be uploaded next week. Zone conference tomorrow, so another trip down the hill.   All I can say is Heavenly Father is great and we are so grateful to watch his program unfold here. 

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  1. I am so excited that you are there in Senahu. We have been there 3 times and have attended church. I have played that lovely piano that is usually kept covered. I would love to have a member or several members be able to play. I also heard that they had translated the hymn book and it will be coming our soon. I am always amazed to hear the saints there sing by heart those hymns...and with gusto! I love it.