Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sun and Mud

The good thing about hard dirt floors is when it rains outside, which creates lots of mud, we dont have to worry as much about tracking mud into homes!  We went on Sunday and visited a sister with a new 3 week old baby, she had delivered cessarian, and I am clueless how she ever made it back up to her home, hopefully it was dry that day, because I slipped and slid the whole way up.  Had me praying more, so I guess it was a good thing.  The sister had not named her baby yet, so Harold suggest she name him Harold.  We shall have to go bck and see what his name is!  We went and visited another family that day where the father has been sick on and off for nine months, every time he starts to get well he starts getting a cough again and it weakens him, they have even taken him to Guatemala City to try and get help, but no treatments seem to help.  While we were there the Mother was bearing her testimony and said how the night before she had dreamed of a patient, older, white man coming and that everything was then better.  She had no knowledge that we were even here. Harold and the other brethren there gave her a blessing of strength in helping with her husband.  The strength of these members is overwhelming. 
The elders have 6 baptisms lined up for Saturday, that is what I call a white Christmas!  We are going to be trying to help the Primaries here, they really don´t have many resources to use.  We went into a Primary Sunday where one amazing teacher was working with a group of 12 children, with a Bible and a hymnbook.  We were able to teach them Follow the Leader, or at least act it out and talk about Prophets - with my very limited Qéqchi´and a little girl about 4 who spoke Spanish and Qéqchi´.  We did the story then of Ammon being a great missionary and defending the Kings flocks by cutting off the Robbers arms.  I didn´t know the word for sword, so used the term Machete, which we see all over around here.  We have even seen them being worn around in the office buildings and municipal building.  I think the Mayor back home would pass out if someone walked into his office with a machete strapped to his back!  No big deal.  Didn´t think till later that it might be a problem, if any of the kids got mad at a sibling and decided to try acting it out for real! 
We have the Childrens stories in Spanish, so we have pictures and the story from the Qéqchi bible of the Saviours birth, and Christmas songs lined up for this Sundays Primary, so  am excited to try and help the Sister with Primary.  We just need to know how to do it more effectively and that will take some research and reaching out to some of our inactive members.
We wil lbe going to about 4 different Christmas Branch activities here, and caroling as much as possible to members and investigators homes.  What a wonderful way to celebrate the Saviours Birth, in his service.  We are so grateful for our family and friends and the love and support you all give us.  Christmas wishes to all!

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