Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Raining hard, and here we are out without our umbrellas!  Good reason to visit people here I guess and wait for a change.  We love walking through the streets and greeting and talking to people, can never tell who all you will get a chance to meet and talk to.  We have been out with the younger missionaries and members visiting inactive and part member families.  The people here are so amazingly good and kind.  We bring them the message of this being the month we celebrate the Saviour{s birth and how blessed we all are by it.  That Heavenly Father and Jesus love us and want us to return to live with them.  In each home we leave an 8x10 picture of the Saviour and ask that as they dedicate and focus their lives on him that they will return and meet with us together at Church so that we can rejoice together.  We have been able to sing with the people, and pray with them.  Harold has assisted with the Elders in giving 3 priesthood blessings to members who were ill or injured.  We feel so blessed.  There was one little girl with a serious scald burn on her neck and back, all the family had was to put raw egg on it - it wasn{t healing so I gave them the tube of antibiotic ointment that I had with me and they gave her a priesthood blessing.  When we returned the next day she had begun to heal a little more, we were so grateful.  We are both working on our language skills, I have tried bearing my testimony as we worked in Q{eqchi.  This morning I realized though as I was studying that I have been using a completely wrong verb in saying  "we are here", the amazing news is that I think people understand.  Today our schedule is empty somewhat - first time all week so we are going to spend more time studying.  We love teasing with the young children.  They greet us and then usually giggle, feeling oh so brave.  One little girl walking by me in the market touched my hand, and I could tell it was very scary for her to do so!  The homes here are either like wood poles with a tin roof and dirt floor - or the richer homes are made of concrete with concrete floors and tin roofs.  You can see the tin roofs when sitting inside, and the chickens who wander in and sit at our feet when we are visiting. .  A lot of times there is no electricity so meeting at night we use candles or flashlights to see.  Still the people are open with all they have and we love their pure testimonies.

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