Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Family, daily joys

The last few weeks have been amazing as we have traveled towards the west, seeing children and grandchildren in Little Rock, Colorado, Utah and now Idaho.  We vistied with my two brothers and their children also while in Colorado and had a wonderful time.  In fact, I have a date with my nieces Faith and Grace for a camping trip and hiking in about two years.  That's exciting!  While in Colorado with Tina we were able to spend several mornings out hiking and it continually reaffirmed the glorious beauty in which we live.  Majestic mountains, side by side with brilliant tiny flowers. That and a lovely evening roasting marshmallows over a fire in the backyard. Visiting Amber and Tilile in Provo we met their friends. We are so grateful that Amber has been taken so lovingly in by wonderful people who support and believe in her.  We know that we need to leave for our mission, but thoughts of leaving our chldren are very hard, until we have seen how they are being cared for by others.  Natalie and Amber being the youngest, of course, we felt very responsble and concerned.  We know now that Amber will be fine and Alea will stay with Natalie when Justin leaves for Afghanistan and help take care of Isaac, so Natalie can finish her Associates degree.
  We are daily seeing blessings and miracles both small and large, and I am very grateful. We went to General conference on Saturday and Alea had a nonmember friend in Salt Lake that she wanted to invite to go with us, but we didn't have any extra tickets.  Amber's Bishop called us late Friday night and said there was another ticket available for our session if we needed it.  We were so grateful for his inspiration - because otherwise he would have not known that we even needed it.
There is a lab here that Marion knew about where I was able to get my Thyroid test done and faxed back to my Doctor in Arkansas, while there I mentioned needing to get our Typhoid vaccines and one of the ladies knew exactly where to go and what to do, because her son has been called to serve in Peru.
We have been so warmly welcomed, loved and cared for in our travels that I am overcome with the joy and gratitude I feel.  Studying is a high priority, we also need to be exercising and both of these things have been continually wrapped up in the joys of being with family. We were able to help Tina with some of the projects she needed done, help my brother Jerry move, and now Harold is helping Brian with the carpet.  I'm grateful that in some small ways we also are able to be of service to those around us.         

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