Monday, August 22, 2011

Earthly Possessions, "things"

We unknowingly get attached to so many things!  Since we need to downsize as much as possible for storage it means selling, giving away or loaning out as much as possible.  I almost felt silly today when I had separation anxiety from my "things" that are going in storage or elsewhere.  How many things we let clutter our lives till they in a way take over, and it happens so slowly we don't even realize the impact.  Simplifying on demand is perhaps important surgery for me this week, but as in all surgery - it is a little painful. The thought of seeing all of my children is the next couple of months is very exciting, at the same time I can't imagine not communicating with them on a daily basis while we are gone.  The fate of the house in Conway is still up in the air; will it sell, or perhaps rent?  Not knowing is definitely another large test of faith.  Obviously a very difficult day.  On the other hand we are so blessed!  We spent Saturday in the Temple in Memphis, and we have both been working hard on our Q'eqchi' and Spanish.  Learning, remembering that one step at a time is all we are required to take.   

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